I Cheated.. Already

I have always been a craft person. I always love trying out different things. For example I know how to do many different types of crafts like crocheting, knitting, and card making. I love to do crafts because it is fun to do stuff with your hands and not just buy an item if you can.

I was reading online how easy it is to make jeans into shorts. Why have I never thought of this before. The jeans that still fit that are no longer your ‘Leg Fit’ style.. MAKE THEM INTO SHORTS! This is a genius idea. So what is a crafty person to do? Try it out of course.

The problem was that I have no jeans to try it out with. So I decided to go to the Salvation Army. I quickly browsed through the blue jeans rack searching for a specific type of pant. It had to be my size, thick jean material, and not worn down at the inner thigh area (the leg style did not matter at all). At the end of the day I found a $6.99 pair of Loft Super Skinny, $5.99 Levi’s Boot Cut, and $5.99 Riders. The good news was that both the Levis and Riders were half off. The total bill then came to $14.

When I got home the pants went into the wash and then when they were dry I got to it. I decided since the riders were a light color and very thick jean I would distress them with a few holes and a cuff. For my first try I think they turned out OK. I am not sure how I feel about the distressing I was able to accomplish but they fit well and I look forward to wearing them. If i decide I do not love them i am going to cut them shorter to remove the cuff. (For some reason I just love cuffed shorts).

The Levi’s were next. I decided I love the color and fit of the jean so i just cut the leg off and cuffed them. It was so easy. I sewed the sides at the seam to keep them cuffed at the right length. I then ironed the fold to seal the cuff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these shorts. I am not sure I have ever liked a pair of shorts so much in my adult life. To take a pair of pants with a leg style that was oh so wrong for me and make them into the best shorts ever! My husband out of the blue when I was wearing them the next day even said “Those shorts look like you bought them that way”. Not only was I so happy with the work I easily did, but that I have the best husband ever! —-Side note—- I am unsure how the ends of these will fray with wearing and washing, I might have to get fabric glue if they fray too much at the fold of the upper cuff

After the great success with the Levis and somewhat success with the Riders I decided to leave the Loft pair as they are since the entire jean looks good on me.

So to be honest my clothing account is now: $-14

Original Content: 6/25/17


5 thoughts on “I Cheated.. Already

  1. So you have got the guts to admit you cheated? Obviously, your beautiful cat knows your secret. For me it’s my precious old dog who knows all of mine. I love your concept about Fast Fashion. I am going to follow your lead. My next shopping excursion will be purchasing wooden hangers. Keep us followers posted.


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