The Great Plan 2017

The first part of a great plan is identifying the goals.

1: Obtain the perfect wardrobe
2: Save Money
3. Perfect my style

The second part is the plan to obtain each goal.

Goal 1
What is my perfect wardrobe? My perfect wardrobe is a small wardrobe with items I love that will last a long time.
How will I know what items should make up my perfect wardrobe? To start my ideal items are part of my current favorite fast fashion clothes that can slowly get replaced for higher quality more earth friendly items.

Goal 2
Looking to buy higher quality earth friendly items more money will need to be spent per item. Since I would frequently shop for fast fashion I never had a budget and I blew more money that I would like to admit. With many of my clothing falling apart and ruining so fast the turn over of the majority of my closet was quite fast.
I currently am saving 30 dollars a month to go towards my new wardrobe. This value is significantly less than I was spending before. (The monthly value is subject to change).
When I have enough to buy something on my current Wish List I am going to buy it. For instance if I have a pair of 200 dollar shoes it will take me 7 months to buy them.

Goal 3
Perfecting my style is going to be tricky. I am sure that my perfect style is going to frequently change. But with less clothes and forcing myself to wear the items stashed in the back of my closet I can determine what works and what doesn’t.

The third part is the journey to get there.

Original Content Date: 6/8/17


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