Giving Myself a Pass

I HAVE MADE IT ONE MONTH!! I have not shopped ‘new’ retail for clothing, shoes, or even accessories in over a month! The first month of my new plan concluded on 7/8/2017. Considering a month can seem like a very long and very short time all at once, it was OK. The no shopping thing was easier than I thought it would be. It could be because I also have an amazing almost four-month old that I would rather spend time with instead of retail shop for hours for random not-needed things.

It was so exciting to receive my credit card statement and see a somewhat low number that I have not seen in years! It goes to show that I really was spending WAY more money than I would like to admit. My bill was at least $300 less than the average bill. JUST FROM CUTTING OUT RETAIL!

Maybe this is cheating again or maybe not you can decide, but I am going to clear my clothing dept from the cheat day. Here is why. The items purchased were not ‘new’ retail, all items are being worn consistently, and the fact that I didn’t have any shorts that fit.

So I am going to forgive my 14$ dept and reward myself with my first $30 for making it one month no ‘new’ retail shopping.

Clothing Account Balance: $30

Original Content: 7/13/17


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