The Month-End Prune (July 2017)

This blog would not be called the pruned closet without some good pruning, Right? As this month came to an end it was time to evaluate what gets discarded/donated. So, what am I parting with?

2 Pairs of identical shorts (different colors)- I am parting with these shorts which kind of fit, if by fit I mean they are so short I feel uncomfortable even slightly bending down. They have all the wrong fit in every way. I did not wear either of these out of the house since I bought them.

3 Shirts- One is tight, one is short, and the other is ruined. The ruined shirt does not make the donation cut due to the huge stain that happened when it touched my husbands greasy work pants.

1 Light sweater-  This one hurts to part with! A blend of cotton and linen make for a nice light weight summer sweater. I love the pink color and I thought I loved the fit too.  Turns out I tried this on a few times and it doesn’t fit my style. Before I made the final cut on this sweater I tried to pair it with different combinations of clothing with no successes, so its time to say goodbye.

1 Pair of pants- These will be discussed at a later date.

This might not be the most interesting article but this is a big part of living with less. When you want to live with less and you have lots, you need to prune! Until I am content with a leaner closet I will continue to post my month-end pruning results.

Leave me a comment- What kind of items are you getting rid of and what helps you decide what makes the cut?

Clothing Account: $30

Original Content: 7/14/17


2 thoughts on “The Month-End Prune (July 2017)

  1. What if your size changes later? Is there any benefit to holding onto items for weight gain or loss reasons?
    Great posts! 🙂


    • That is a great question Theresa! I think it depends on the item quality and the item style. If the item is a favorite and made to last, but doesn’t fit, I don’t think I would part with it. However if I haven’t been the size in question to fit the item in many years, I think I might. Also, I would be more likely to get rid of it if it’s something easily replaced in the future, if I find the need for that item later down the road.


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