Swimsuits for DAYS

I have eleven swimsuits. I only go in open water or pools maybe 5 times a year on average. This means I have more swimsuits than I do days I wear one each year.

I have so many swimsuits for the same reason I have extreme numbers of just about every type of clothing I own. I felt like to stay trendy and look my best I needed a better one than I had last year. Also, that each time I buy a new one I will look better and be generally happier.

Every year I know warm weather is on the way when I go to a store and see the new swimsuits at the front of stores. (Usually while still in a winter coat.) I would get excited, time to find a new swimsuit that is hopefully more flattering than the one I wore last year! Challenge accepted.

I would try on suits until it convinced me to never eat again at least for a short amount of time (or to buy some kale). But, I would look and look and look until I would find one I liked the best and cha-ching brand new suit to bring home.

If I were told today a rat had gotten into my swimsuit drawer and only one swimsuit survived the rodents destructiveness, I know which one I would want it to be. I look forward to knowing this in the future and being able to instantly get rid of the non-favorites. But I am not yet at the point where I want to get rid of things before I am emotionally ready to.

I look forward to entering fall without the want to buy new coats, sweaters, gloves, and scarves just because.

Clothing Account: -40$

Original Content: 8/27/17





Having Nothing to Wear

It was almost time to meet our friends for dinner. I wanted to dress a bit nicer than my everyday clothes. I tried on just about everything I owned that fit and nothing I mean NOTHING looked good. After filling my bed with a large pile of discarded clothing that did not look good, I settled on a standard outfit I would wear daily for work.

I was very disappointed. I wanted to look cute and feel good. I did not feel either of those things. For work and daily life, jeans and a nice shirt is fine and I feel good, but when I wanted to look cute and dress fancier, my wardrobe did not deliver. Usually when this happens I would run to the store and buy the things my wardrobe was “missing”.

The truth is that my wardrobe is not missing anything. I have all the clothing types I wanted to wear. The problem is that I am heavier than usual (baby weight still clinging to my frame) and felt uncomfortable. The clothing fit me, I just don’t like the way my body looks. Clothing only helps to a certain point.

My truth is that I am not used to seeing myself at this size and buying more clothing would not change my comfort level.

I forced myself to not go shopping even though I felt a huge urge to do so. Instead I was forced to deal with my feelings and not put a band-aid over my comfort level by buying new things. The new things only work for a short time until something like this would happen again.

What I need is not new clothes, I need to treat myself better. I need to feel more comfortable in my skin that gave birth a few months ago to a tiny human, and have patience that I will grow comfortable with my body again.

Clothing Account: -70$

original content: 7/31/17

Consuming Clothing

I always thought that donated clothing (and my unused and unloved items) would go to a forever home to be loved again. I challenge you to search where donated clothes go. I was surprised to learn that it is not always the case.

I am going to start viewing my new clothing purchases as investments. This is not a new idea. This is an idea of the past and many people are now following this trend again. The concept is pretty easy; put my money in a good investment. I don’t want to keep buying things that will quickly end up in a landfill after little use. That is not only a waste of money (AKA bad investment) but a waste of our planets resources.

Of course you can’t stop even the best of clothing from wearing down eventually or always being your style. But with higher quality items the time to wear down an item will be much longer resulting in less cycled clothing items.

After the month end prune I have a gaping hole in my closet where my cheap brown sweater used to be (sad hole pictured). However, with my many many many other sweaters hanging in my closet, I am going to wait to replace it (plus I have a negative balance). But if I didn’t have a closet full of clothes, when a loved item breaks down or no longer becomes a loved item I will either replace it with a high quality substitute or go without it all together. I look forward to the replacement purchase phase.

Leave me a comment: Do you feel like your recent clothing purchases have been good investments?  

Clothing Balance: -40$

Original Content: 8/16/17


The Month-End Prune (and Additions) (August 2017)

July 2017 came to a close with another 30$ added to my clothing account. Making my new balance -40$.

The purged. (pictured left)

A brown sweater. This pains me to purge. This has been one of my favorite sweaters for a little while now. I love the fit and the color. If I love it so much why am I getting rid of it you ask. I wore a hole into the elbow. I literally wore it so much I wore a hole through it! This does not happen very often but when it does it’s almost like an accomplishment that I got back its full value and it lived out it’s like in my possession alone. Of course I wish it would be have been better made so I could have used it for longer. This will be an item I will need to find a good high quality replacement for.

A black geometric skirt. I bought this skirt with the hope of wearing it and loving it. ( Like with all my items). I didn’t even wear it. I kept thinking maybe one-day I will wear it and love it but after having it for around four years, it’s time to let go.

The Additions. (pictured right)

Nisolo shoes. Read here and here!

Over the shoulder Fossil purse. This was a gift from my BFF. She notified me of a purse she had and no longer wanted and thought I would like it. It is green (my favorite color) and Fossil (my favorite brand). She was not wrong. It instantly became my everyday purse. I love it!!!

Clothing account -40$

Original content 8/8/17

The Colors Best for My Skin

Today was the first day I have worn a light colored shirt to work in just about forever. I paired a light blue shirt with lighter denim jeans. I have put on this combination a few times in the past and decided against it every time. The reason is that the paired light colors wash me out and make me look pale in an unflattering way. But after seeing light colors grouped together on others and loving the outcome I wanted to try it.

Today I wore that combination. After putting on the clothes I was still unsure to the combination would work with my skin tone but decided to try it and see how I felt. The clothing seemed a bit dressed down for work, so I dressed it up with some pearls and accent jewelry. This pearl necklace has been a staple in my wardrobe since high school when my mother gifted it to me. I even had to get it re-strung because I wear it so often it broke.

But the longer I was in the clothes the more comfortable I felt in them. After looking at myself in the bathroom mirror it was evident that although my skin still looked pale the blue complimented my slightly rosy cheeks. Maybe light colors complement my light skin tone after all and not wash me out like I have always believed.

I am not yet a convert to light colors. But, maybe I can feel comfortable enough to try them again soon.

Clothing Account Balance: -70$

Original Content 7/20/17


A Beautiful Leather Shoe the Symbol of My Failure

It felt like the clouds opened up and a sun beam came down from the sky to brighten my phone as I received email notification that my shipment has arrived. I was so excited to get home from work to check out my new shoes.

As I opened the box I was astounded to be looking at the beauty that is a Nisolo shoe. They did not disappoint.  They are a simple yet exquisitely crafted. I tried them on and they fit perfectly, it was so exciting.

After I put them on, I walked down the hall to my bedroom to check them out in the mirror. I was admiring the shoes on my feet as I walked comfortably to my room when the feeling of failure crept into my mind.

I had started this blog to keep my shopping in check and veer towards a minimal closet (which is my ultimate goal). I made it a little over a month of my great plan before I really fell off the wagon (or jumped off for my favorite apparel item). I made a good argument why I bought them and I felt no remorse while typing in my credit card information to make the purchase. But now it’s a different story.

I am telling myself that it’s OK to be tested and fail. It just goes to show that this will not be an easy journey. I am disappointed in myself to have failed so early on, but if anything I feel even more determined than I was before.

Clothing Account Balance: -70$

Original Content: 7/26/17

Paring Down

I gave myself a mini “challenge” to help pair down my clothing. I selected 6 pairs of pants to wear for about a month. The idea was to see what ones I loved and wore all the time, the ones I liked but didn’t love, and the ones I downright ignored. In this post I will only review the liked and ignored. The favorites will come later.

The findings:
-A pair of black work pants.
These were a thrift/gift hand-me down. My first impression when I tried these on were love. They are different from anything I own and I liked that. But as the month went on and they were hanging in my closet only be tried on a few times and switched out for something else, it is evident it is time to part with them.

THE LIKED (Pictured)
-Pair of distressed skinny jeans
These in the past were my favorite pair of pants. I purchased these a few months before I became pregnant. I would have lived in these pants everyday if I could. Currently they have landed in the like category because I can not wear them at work (never could because they are distressed), they fall down unless I wear a belt, and the stretch denim is very thin almost jegging material.

-Polka-dotted low rise not so skinny jeans
These pants are a thrift/gift hand-me down. When I first tried them on I loved the different fit. This might be because they are a bit large on me and it was nice to see a jean on me that was not a skinny leg in about 4 years and look pretty good. These have landed into the like because they look best paired with a tucked in shirt and a belt, not as versatile as true skinnies.  Also, the denim is very thick and very warm to wear in summer. I look forward to trying these out again in the winter and see how I feel about them.

-Light wash skinny jean with floral embroidery.
These pants were one of my last retail purchases before making my closet shift. I bought them even though they didn’t fit me at the time. They were my first goal pants to get into after the baby. Now they fit comfortably– yay! I am not sure if I am pushing them into the liked because of what they represent but these are right in between the ignored-liked line. They fit nice and have a nice high waist. But the denim is super thin like jeggings, and the color wash in the but is unflattering to my back end. I feel as if these jeans make me look like I want to be a teenager again.

The idea of this ‘perfect’ wardrobe is that I want to love all the items in my closet. Realistically I should donate all items in the list above. I need to take baby steps. My body is still transitioning from the baby weight and I look forward to be able to pare down to a small sustainable wardrobe in the future when my body stabilizes.

Clothing Account Balance: -70$

Original Content: 7/23/17