My First Retail Purchase

I have made my first retail purchase!! Wait I only have 30$ in my retail account what did I buy? Well I bought a 100$ pair of shoes (free shipping *Pound it*). I have had a pair of Nisolo oxfords on my want list and they were to possibly be my first purchase in December when I had the money to buy them. I went online today to send a link to my friend to show her my first tentatively planned purchase and I noticed they were ON SALE! Originally 168$ on sale for 100$.

Now I know.. I cheated yes, this time a real cheat. But I also know that sometimes deals like this you need to go for. These are handmade amazing shoes that are ethically made. The reviews are all saying that this brand sells stunning made to last shoes.

A concern I have about this purchase is that after I had my wonderful baby I am unsure what my foot size ended up being. I used to be a 7.5 but I seem to have graduated to an 8, depending on the shoe even an 8.5. Not knowing my shoe size I decided to purchase the 8 and see what happens. (They sold out of the 8.5, so much for buying two and keeping the one that fits.) But I am hopeful that they will fit.

Very excited for these shoes!

Clothing Account Balance -70$

Original Content: 7/17/2017

P.S. I hope you enjoy the bunny that was lounging in my yard which has nothing to do with my post!


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