Paring Down

I gave myself a mini “challenge” to help pair down my clothing. I selected 6 pairs of pants to wear for about a month. The idea was to see what ones I loved and wore all the time, the ones I liked but didn’t love, and the ones I downright ignored. In this post I will only review the liked and ignored. The favorites will come later.

The findings:
-A pair of black work pants.
These were a thrift/gift hand-me down. My first impression when I tried these on were love. They are different from anything I own and I liked that. But as the month went on and they were hanging in my closet only be tried on a few times and switched out for something else, it is evident it is time to part with them.

THE LIKED (Pictured)
-Pair of distressed skinny jeans
These in the past were my favorite pair of pants. I purchased these a few months before I became pregnant. I would have lived in these pants everyday if I could. Currently they have landed in the like category because I can not wear them at work (never could because they are distressed), they fall down unless I wear a belt, and the stretch denim is very thin almost jegging material.

-Polka-dotted low rise not so skinny jeans
These pants are a thrift/gift hand-me down. When I first tried them on I loved the different fit. This might be because they are a bit large on me and it was nice to see a jean on me that was not a skinny leg in about 4 years and look pretty good. These have landed into the like because they look best paired with a tucked in shirt and a belt, not as versatile as true skinnies.  Also, the denim is very thick and very warm to wear in summer. I look forward to trying these out again in the winter and see how I feel about them.

-Light wash skinny jean with floral embroidery.
These pants were one of my last retail purchases before making my closet shift. I bought them even though they didn’t fit me at the time. They were my first goal pants to get into after the baby. Now they fit comfortably– yay! I am not sure if I am pushing them into the liked because of what they represent but these are right in between the ignored-liked line. They fit nice and have a nice high waist. But the denim is super thin like jeggings, and the color wash in the but is unflattering to my back end. I feel as if these jeans make me look like I want to be a teenager again.

The idea of this ‘perfect’ wardrobe is that I want to love all the items in my closet. Realistically I should donate all items in the list above. I need to take baby steps. My body is still transitioning from the baby weight and I look forward to be able to pare down to a small sustainable wardrobe in the future when my body stabilizes.

Clothing Account Balance: -70$

Original Content: 7/23/17


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