A Beautiful Leather Shoe the Symbol of My Failure

It felt like the clouds opened up and a sun beam came down from the sky to brighten my phone as I received email notification that my shipment has arrived. I was so excited to get home from work to check out my new shoes.

As I opened the box I was astounded to be looking at the beauty that is a Nisolo shoe. They did not disappoint.  They are a simple yet exquisitely crafted. I tried them on and they fit perfectly, it was so exciting.

After I put them on, I walked down the hall to my bedroom to check them out in the mirror. I was admiring the shoes on my feet as I walked comfortably to my room when the feeling of failure crept into my mind.

I had started this blog to keep my shopping in check and veer towards a minimal closet (which is my ultimate goal). I made it a little over a month of my great plan before I really fell off the wagon (or jumped off for my favorite apparel item). I made a good argument why I bought them and I felt no remorse while typing in my credit card information to make the purchase. But now it’s a different story.

I am telling myself that it’s OK to be tested and fail. It just goes to show that this will not be an easy journey. I am disappointed in myself to have failed so early on, but if anything I feel even more determined than I was before.

Clothing Account Balance: -70$

Original Content: 7/26/17


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