The Colors Best for My Skin

Today was the first day I have worn a light colored shirt to work in just about forever. I paired a light blue shirt with lighter denim jeans. I have put on this combination a few times in the past and decided against it every time. The reason is that the paired light colors wash me out and make me look pale in an unflattering way. But after seeing light colors grouped together on others and loving the outcome I wanted to try it.

Today I wore that combination. After putting on the clothes I was still unsure to the combination would work with my skin tone but decided to try it and see how I felt. The clothing seemed a bit dressed down for work, so I dressed it up with some pearls and accent jewelry. This pearl necklace has been a staple in my wardrobe since high school when my mother gifted it to me. I even had to get it re-strung because I wear it so often it broke.

But the longer I was in the clothes the more comfortable I felt in them. After looking at myself in the bathroom mirror it was evident that although my skin still looked pale the blue complimented my slightly rosy cheeks. Maybe light colors complement my light skin tone after all and not wash me out like I have always believed.

I am not yet a convert to light colors. But, maybe I can feel comfortable enough to try them again soon.

Clothing Account Balance: -70$

Original Content 7/20/17



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