My name is Kayleigh. I am a working mother trying to make the change to live simply.

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to decide to live simply. I have always wanted to live with less. Remove the clutter from my life and really live in the important moments.

My first step to simple living was to tackle my wardrobe. It is incredible the shopping addiction I have been keeping up for years. I look back at all the money I have wasted on fast fashion and cheap clothing. It is surprising to me how it took me until I am now in my 30’s to make a change.

I have been reading about small wardrobes and capsule wardrobes for quite some time. I had always loved the idea but had many excuses why it could not work for me. A few listed below.

  •   My weight fluctuates too much how can I commit to pieces that only fit me today?
  •  With such a small wardrobe you have to be neutral and just blah looking.
  •  If I buy high quality and expensive pieces, what happens if I don’t like it for long?

After I had my baby boy and I went shopping only to buy few items of clothing since I was hoping to loose all the baby weight soon. Why would I spend money on an entire new wardrobe that will only fit me for a few months? After I started wearing my “little wardrobe” of clothes (of course I still have many pre-pregnancy clothes) I finally had my AH-HA moment! I loved having less clothes to choose from. It made getting ready in the morning faster and easier with significant amount of less stress.

Since my closet is still filled with mostly cheaper fast fashion clothing it is going to take me a long time to create the wardrobe of my dreams. But with a plan and determination I will make it so.

This is my journey.