Month-End Prune & Honest Additions (February 2018)

This month I was able to rid myself of a large number of items. I found myself slowing towards to end of the month. I am not sure what the next month will bring but I am ready- BRING IT ON!

The Pruned:

Work Out Clothing: 4

Sweaters: 11

PJs: 4

Tanks: 13

Skirts: 9

Leggings: 1

Shirts: 13

Dresses: 7


The Additions: 

IMG_20180218_172721.jpgThe limited Knee Length Skirt: $5.00 (Thrift)

IMG_20180218_172757.jpgThe Limited Mini Skirt: $5.00 (thrift)


I did buy these Madewell Boots (But I had to send them back for a larger size). Sadly the larger size was to large in the ankle and looked odd. Oh well.

Clothing Account:      $829.29 – $10.00 = $813.29

Pruned Clothing YTD:   116                                  Pruned Total:   294

Additions YTD:   4                                                  Additions Total:   20


Saying Hi

I am happy to report that my progress is going well, but I have the urge to go shopping… I am finally starting to feel the effects of a smaller closet. I am not sure the effect is due to the new amount of clothing I have or the fact that I no longer have all sorts of new clothes to wear.

Since I used to shop “like all the time,” I was easily able to go from old to new and always find new favorites to sport around. The new clothing was….. what is the word I am looking for.. oh yeah NEW. Black clothing wasn’t faded, the sweaters weren’t full of pills, and none had holes.

I have visibly worn down my favorite clothing. My favorite long sleeve top has a hole in the elbow. One of my favorite sweaters has so much pilling it pains me to spend time to keep pulling them off (Yes I know it should go, but I have not found an equal/or better replacement).

I am surprised how fast this clothing is deteriorating right before my eyes. But I think it is worth it to state what I will not do.

  • I will not run to the store and buy new clothing. Even though my favorites are worn down I have others to wear. If I refuse to wear my alternate clothing I have more clothing to prune. **Note: I am not on a shopping ban. I say this because the idea not to go shopping stems from that fact that I still have a full closet and do not NEED more clothing.

I have now ventured into unknown territory and I am looking forward to seeing how I will get around.





Month-End Prune & Honest Additions (January 2018)

The Pruned:

Purses: 7

Wallets: 6

Scarf: 2

Hoodie: 1

Sweaters: 6

Dresses: 3

Skirt: 1

Leggings: 4 (2 work out)

Shirts: 17

Vest : 1

Jeans: 4

Blazer: 1

Shorts: 1 (work out)

The Additions: 

IMG_20180107_160744Chaps Cowl Neck Sweater $34.79

IMG_20180107_160711Chaps Cropped Sweater $22.19

Marc New Performance : Cropped Pants (House Pants) : 13: 73

I did buy these Madewell Boots (But I had to send them back for a larger size). I will add these to February if they have a larger size to swap and they fit well. I took this picture with them and was excited to wear them for the first time. After sitting on the table I realized I needed a larger size. Good thing I realized this right away before I wore them outside 🙂

Clothing Account:      $900 – $70.71 = $829.29

Pruned Clothing YTD:   54                                  Pruned Total:   233

Additions YTD:   2                                                  Additions Total:   18




  1. Faded Glory : Brown Knit : Button Up – 2017 HMD
  2. Ecote : Tan : Open Long Hooded
  3. Jones New York : Brown : Button Up
  4. The Limited : Tan : Open Front
  5. Faded Glory : Black Knit : Button Up – 2017 HMD
  6. Mudd : Black : Pullover Studs on Shoulder
  7. Mossimo : Black : Button Up
  8. Loft : Black : Button Up Crop
  9. Kate Hill : Black w/ Black detailing : Button Up Crop
  10. Mossimo : Black : Oval Open Front
  11. Jeane Pierre : Grey : Cowl Neck Pullover
  12. The Limited : Grey Knit with Fake Fur Collar : Long Open Vest
  13. Chaps : Red, Black & White : Pullover Crop
  14. Express : Light Grey : Pull Over V-neck
  15. Mossimo : Light Grey Cat Pattern: Button Up
  16. Loft : Light Grey : Open Front
  17. The Limited : Light Grey : Button Up
  18. The Limited : Light Grey Knit : Tie
  19. Aeropastale : Black and White : Oval Open Front
  20. Chaps : Black and White : Cowl Neck Pullover
  21. ?  : White with Black Stripes : Light Open Front
  22. Molly & Mia : Black with White Stripes : Open Front
  23. Cable and Gauge : White with Beading : Button Up
  24. Mossimo : Off White : Button Up
  25. Merona : White with Oval Neck Pattern : Pull Over
  26. The Limited : Cream Knit with Blue Tie Back : Pullover
  27. Mossimo : Cream Knit : Long Open Front
  28. Mossimo : Red : Button Down
  29. Mossimo : Mustard with White Starts : Pullover
  30. JCP : Green : Pullover
  31. Apt 9 : Dark Green w/ Studs : Button Up
  32. Merona : Dark Green : Button Up
  33. Apt 9 : Purple w/ Gold Studs : Pullover
  34. The Limited : Pink : Sleeveless Cowl-neck w/ Sequins : Pullover
  35. The Limited : Purple : Button Up
  36. Mossimo : Purple : Button Up
  37. Aeropastale : Blue & White : Oval Open Front
  38. New York and Company : Green Knit : Long w/tie

Large Casual Sweaters


  1. Syracuse University Hoodie : Grey
  2. Syracuse University Hoodie : Blue
  3. Syracuse University Alumni Crew : Blue
  4. Work Labeled Crew : Black
  5. Work Labeled Pullover : Green
  6. Work Labeled Pullover : Grey
  7. CFD Hoodie : Green



  1. Worthington : Blue, Brown & White : Fit and Flair
  2. H&M : Brown and Green Floral Pattern : Below Knee
  3. Forever 21 : Black and Gold : Bodycon
  4. Forever 21 : Block Blue, Tan and Black : Bodycon
  5. Forever 21 : Tan with Floral Pattern : Bodycon
  6. Loft : Grey Floral Pattern : Fitted Ruffle Bottom -2017
  7. Xhileration : Black with Colorful Floral Pattern : Below Knee Bodycon – 2017 HMD
  8. Worthington : Black Lace : Long Bodycon – 2017
  9. Mossimo : Black & White : Long Bodycon – 2017 HMD
  10. Green Envelope : Orange & White : Maxi
  11. The Limited : Brown and Yellow : Mini
  12. The Limited : Red and Black : Mini
  13. Authentic Icon : Sequin : Mini
  14. LA Hearts : Blue and White Elephant Pattern : Fit and Flair Mini
  15. Issac Mizrahi : Navy Blue : Tennis


Bold: Stored in Tote, Not part of current wardrobe


Leggings & Athletic Shorts


  1. Under Armour : Blue : Cropped
  2. Nike : Black : Cropped
  3. Nike : Black : Cropped
  4. Lululemon : Black : Cropped with lower leg mesh detail and back pocket
  5. Lululemon : Coral/Grey Reversible : Cropped
  6. Nike : Black
  7. Nike : Black
  8. Lululemon : Black
  9. Lululemon : Purple
  10. Black Milk : Black : Side Pockets
  11. Lululemon : Black : Running tight with back pocket
  12. Anovos : Black : Battlestar Gallactica Novelty
  13. SO : Black w/ colorful leg detail


  1. Xhileration : Black : Fitted
  2. Spalding : Black : Fitted
  3. Lululemon : Black : High cut running short fitted
  4. Reebok : Black : Low cut loose
  5. Lululemon : Forest Pattern : Loose with underwear
  6. Under Armour : Black with Blue Band : Loose
  7. Under Armour : Hot Green and Black : Loose
  8. Under Armour :  Blue and Black : Loose
  9. Under Armour : Blue, Grey, and Black : Loose
  10. Pacsun : Black : Fitted with side leg mesh detail
  11. Lululemon : Pink : High cut fitted with tie sides

Bold: Shorts Stored with Swim Suits / Used for Swimming




Shoe Stretching is an Awesome Thing

During my pregnancy I read one of the most famous books for what to expect. It scared the heck out of me. I cried and cried.

One of those ‘might happen’ was permanent foot growth. The possibility to grow larger multiple sizes. What the F? For real?

I remember calling my sister and crying about this fact and how much I love my shoes. Not that I am attached to all my shoes but I have some pairs of shoes I feel are irreplaceable.

So yep after the baby my feet grew. I was a solid 7.5 pre Charles and now I wear an 8 and some 8.5. It seems as though my feet didn’t get much longer just wider. Most of my loved old broken in heals fit me just fine. One particular pair of shoes I call my green beauties were not one of those lucky pairs.

My green beauties were a Christmas gift. They were a little snug in the toe box but like most leather shoes I thought they would stretch. They did not. After the baby they were so tight it was unbearable. I tried wearing them with socks around the house but it hurt so bad I thought it was time to possibly part with them.

I researched shoe stretching to see if it was a thing and I’d be darned it totally is. I called a local shoes repair and for 10 dollars it could be done. And it was.

Life to my green beauties. Maybe they live in my closet indefinitely!!IMG_20180121_203331