Sunday Outfit

I am sporting black with tan accents. Even though I don’t have a super flat belly I love the tucked in shirt look.

Shirt: Forever 21, Sweater: AE (I have had this since high school), Pants: Nine West, Belt: friend made, Shoes: Madewell



Establishing My Style

What style do I like? If I were to describe it, it would be.. well… hmm.. I don’t know. Maybe we need to go back in time to my style evolution.

High School: In high school I dated an older boy who loved concerts and was into the hardcore scene. After going to many concerts and loving the scene myself I quickly followed suit. I was a jeans wearing / band shirt girl. Very rarely did I wear anything else.

College: Not much changed after high school I was still sporting my band shirts and Jeans.

My first corporate job: What in the world was I going to wear. It was time to pick a new wardrobe with work pants and fancy tops. Boy did I need help. The help came in the form of my sister. She is a fashionista to say the least. If I was going to need an expert she was it. After shopping with her help and buying a new wardrobe I was work ready.

Day in and day out dressing nicer, dressing for my shape, and dressing with a purpose I started to love it. The thrill of shopping and wearing nice clothing and nice shoes. Being able to express myself in colors and patterns. It was / is addicting.

Not to long later: Shopping became an addiction. Shopping regularly and blowing money. Going through clothing and accumulating more at the speed of light. Weirdly enough I never really established a style.

Today: I work at a company where the dress code is a bit relaxed. I can wear jeans everyday if I want, the only things I am unable to sport is my regular shoes. I wear steel toes. I arrive in my regular shoes and change into my steels when I get to work.

Due to the nature of the job I usually wear jeans or work pants paired with a nice top or sweater. More recently I have been trying to minimize my jean wearing and wear my nice pants. As much as I love wearing dresses and skirts my position makes it not the most convenient.

When I am not at work I love to wear my regular shoes and have fun getting ready (taking as much time as I want to). I enjoy wearing the clothing I own I am unable to wear to work like distressed jeans and dresses.

My style: Well I am still not sure. I love so many different styles. But today I am wearing this and I feel fantastic.


Dress: BCBG, Sweater: The Loft, Shoes: Madewell

What Number Do I Want

What number of clothing is my number? How many items do I need? How far do I need to go to get there?

I am having trouble envisioning my perfect wardrobe. I know I want it small and in my mind I see the word Capsule over and over. The capsule definition is quite small. 50 items or maybe even less including accessories. For me that seems impossible.

Right now I am counting around 500 items in my current closet. That is the number after getting rid of almost 200 things already. I don’t want to get rid of items just to get down to the “perfect” number. If I like an item or will wear it I am going to keep it. It is wasteful to get rid of things I still like.

Although it is getting easier to get rid of things I don’t like. In the past items I didn’t like would not leave my wardrobe until I went through and did an overhaul. Currently if I don’t like something I put it on the bench by my back door. At the end of the month if it is still there it goes into my month end pruning. From there it goes into a trash bag. The bag will stay in the house for a few more months until I have three or more. I then donate them to a local charity.

There has been three items that have been fished back out after they made it into a trash bag. I am glad I am able to be honest and do those things and update my posts accordingly. I don’t want to get rid of items I still like or might wear that maybe this once I wasn’t feeling it.

But back to the original idea of this post. As I get rid of more and more I am becoming less attached to most of my clothing and more attached to other items. As my weight changes I am unsure what I should keep because I might need it someday. I also have the room currently to store the current wardrobe I have so its no sweat to have around 500 items.

If I stick to my plan and stop buying so much my wardrobe by design will shrink. I am hoping to get to a number under 200. I have about 300 items to go.

I wonder what my perfect number is, but I am sure once I get there I will know it.

Do you have a number?



Year-End Review

2017 has been a year of change for me. The birth of my son in March snowballed many changes. To those who have been following my blog from the beginning know that this pruning was started to have less, spend less, and be better to the environment.

When I started progress was slow, getting rid of items here and there that I didn’t feel good about or was ruined. Towards the end of the year it was evident that I no longer wanted to keep anything I didn’t like regardless of how much I spent on it or how little the amount of time was that I owned something.

If I put something on and took it back off a handful of times it was evident that item had to go. If I wasn’t sure about an item after wearing it all day I would wear it one more time and if I felt the same way it was time to go.

If I would have guessed how many items I was going to part with it would not have been close to the 179 items I actually did. That amount of clothing equates to about $3222 ($18 x 179 = 3222). I believe my estimate of the average cost of each item being $18 is low.

I am relieved to have less in my closet. The joy I feel is much more than I expected to feel. Everyday I feel better about my clothing choices. When you only have items you love, it’s like wearing a favorite outfit every day. If something feels less magical it gets reviewed for possible pruning.

I am getting much closer to the closet of my dreams that contains all favorite items that make me feel like my best self. Life is more than how we look but I feel that our *”chosen Skin” has the ability to boost self-esteem and express who we are.

I look forward to seeing what 2018 will bring.

*Chosen Skin: I don’t remember where I heard this but I love it!



Death to My Steve Maddens

The BAD NEWS – If you remember I got these shoes last month. Unfortunately they broke. OK not broke in the normal sense but started to fall apart. After wearing them to and from work (I wear steel toes during work) and a couple of days over the weekend the heel material started to peel off, and the stitching started to come out.

I am not sure if it was this boot style or a defective pair but luckily the store took them back and I received a full refund. The manager was very kind and told me that they should not have done that with such little wear.

I am sad that these boots did not work out for me because they were super comfortable and had the perfect heal height. I have had good experiences with this brand in the past and was surprised that this happened.

The GOOD NEWS – I bought a new pair of boots to replace these.

YES it goes against my 2018 shopping rules, but since these shoes died so soon I decided I could buy another similar pair to replace them. I am patiently waiting for the shipment to try them on. I have decided if these ones don’t work I am going to give up my search and look for a similar pair next year.

Formatting My Blog

My current closet is becoming more reasonable. It is now time to start tracking actual numbers of what I have left.

The new TOP MENU!

Please visit the new top menu of the blog which now includes SHOES, ACCESSORIES, & CLOTHING. These pages are dedicated to my current wardrobe. I plan to list all clothing individually in the future once my numbers are even better.

Do you know how many items you have in your closet?