Month-End Prune (October 2017)

Until this month I have described each item I have gotten rid of and why. Today it will be different. I went through totes of clothes that were stored in my shed this month and came up with an entire trash bag of clothing to donate. To save time and space I have only listed the items below.

Work out shirts: 4

Work out Shorts: 3

Leggings: 3

Sweaters: 5

Cardigans: 3

Light Jackets: 3

Fancy Pants: 6

Jeans: 2

29 items this month. I am happy to get all of my clothing in the house under one roof. It is however overwhelming to put more clothing in an already jam packed closet.

October is over which means +30

Clothing Account -19$

Getting closer to a positive balance


That Moment You Know

Two days this week I took a chance on clothing I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to keep.

The first item of clothing was a pair of Loft Jeans. I don’t recall how long I have had them, but I was excited to find them and that they fit. **High five for fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes again** I wore them a total of three times. The first two times I had decided that they are not very comfortable. The fit is awkward in the knees. From a sitting position they feel like they are going to strangle my knees. I decided after the first two wears that I wasn’t convinced. The third wear happened yesterday and by 9 o’clock in the morning which was one hour and some into the work day I decided they had to go.

The second item of clothing was a sweater. I didn’t know I didn’t like it until I was at work and saw my reflection in the mirror. I looked awful. I did what anybody would have done I buttoned it for a different look and thought it looked decent that way. Later when I saw my reflection again I still looked awful.

It is getting easier to make the cut and get rid of items that don’t make me feel good. I am finding out what type of fit I enjoy and how I can maximize my wardrobe to look my best.


Entire Family Spending – October 15th-21st 2017


Week 3  (rounded to the nearest dollar)

$160 Daycare for the Little

$13 Coffees / sweet treat

$72 Pets (litter box, litter mat, cat toy, 2 dog toys, & pet spray)

$478  Vet Bill (dogs yearly exam and shots, 6 months of flea meds, 1 year of heart worm)

$27 Misc (wallet for Josh, USB cable)

$12 Home Item (Trash Can)

$68 Groceries

$19 Netflix

$34 Wine tour – Me

$61 Wine Tour – Josh

Total: $944

This week was filled with a large Veterinarian bill and a fun wine tour. The limo bus and lunch was actually an additional 160 for two people but that was paid for last month so it didn’t make it to this months spending. It was an expensive day of 255$ but a really fun and awesome day.




All Over the Place: Do I Continue?

I am currently a little all over the place with this Blog. I am not sure what direction I want to go. I am a bit torn between lots of options to continue or stop blogging all together.

I was never a good writer, I actually dislike it. I never can find the right words to use and I am constantly deleting and starting over. The blog was started not because I like to write but because I wanted the accountability.

You see many people going on Facebook and declaring life changes they are making (eating better, working out, and so on). I started this blog for the same reason.

A blog is out of my comfort zone because I don’t like to be on computers in my spare time (I am on one all day at work). I usually only browse when I am on lunch or breaks from work. At home my use is for this blog, bill payments, and some fun browsing. Home use is very rare.

I grew up with a family who was mostly unplugged.  We never had cable, only local TV stations. Never had a computer until I was in high school with super slow dial-up.

I grew up reading, drawing, and following my parents around. My family would watch movies together and have family dinners almost every night until I started high school.

I was lucky to have the family I have, they loved me unconditional as I was a child and still loves me the same today. I read an article recently about phone use and was upset to think that as a family Josh and I could make a huge mistake with our little one and not even know it until it is too late. Electronics are attention grabbing and taking our attention away from our lives and loved ones.

I want to continue my journey to save money, live with less, and share changes. But to be a good blogger with followers means you have to read other bloggers posts, comment and stay current. blogging is a community. I am not an active participant as much as I wish I could be.

Being a working mom, I want to spend my nights as a family. I want my son to grow up how I grew up. With parents not addicted to electronics and who are active participants in my life.

I am conflicted.




Entire Family Spending – October 1st-7th 2017

So it is time to try something new. I am attempting to log all of my families spending. So this is an all-inclusive list of both my husband and I’s spending. I have done this for two month in the somewhat recent past and figured I can do it again and share an entire month of spending in week increments.

I do plan to start tracking our spending and doing it for an entire year, but I do not plan to share my families entire spending list frequently unless it is a hit with my followers. My current plan is to share an entire month of spending and then wait about 6 months and see if it has improved, and why. Yes, I know currently I mostly talk about my closet but I am planning on moving on and in addition to my closet also “prune” in other areas of my life.

I will also remind my readers that one of my main goals is to save money for my families future.

So here it goes……..(rounded to the nearest dollar)

$160 Daycare for my Little

$6 Downtown parking for my doctor’s appointment.

$30 Co-pay for my doctor’s appointment

$66 Husband misc items (socks, blender bottles, personal hygiene, & yada yada)

$7 Gift from my husband:  Alien key chain!!!! JUST ONE OF THE BEST MOVIE SERIES EVER!!!!!

$10 Medicine co-pay

$145 Couples membership to Crossfit

$154 Groceries

Total: $578

In review: I could cut back at the grocery store. It’s like my playground. I find food planning to be so darn hard, so I buy all the things. I never know what I am going to want. Maybe this week I will plan my week of food before I go to the grocery store. Eww. I have tried this in the past a BUNCH of times and I hate it. Maybe I should try again. If i were to spend $154 on groceries each week that equates to $600 plus dollars. I know i can do better.


Winter Coat

I do not fit into my favorite winter coat. This coat I have had for years. It is a great quality jacket that even after 10 plus years it still looks brand new.

During my 7th-9th months of pregnancy I wore a coat my friend let me borrow. It was big and warm and amazing. It was one of the best winters in warmth and comfort. It probably helped that being pregnant I ran warm for once in my life.

Getting close to winter I decided to try out my old coat. No luck. My post pregnant self is still not back to original settings.

Do I try to wait it out or should I go buy one?