The Dreaded Plateau – But is it BAD?

I have hit the dreaded plateau. This is not a fun place to be. Progress was running wild and then BOOM hit the wall at full speed and come to a complete stop.

Pruning started a bit slow then it quickly picked up momentum and the result was a considerably smaller closet. I am mostly pleased with the process. The only downside to going all in so fast was getting rid of some things I wish I didn’t. Unfortunately these few items (3 to be exact) pop into my head and I get sad. I look at these items as a valuable lesson if there is any doubt about an item I now keep it for a while until I am certain I do not want it anymore.

Before getting too far off topic, I currently have one last large group of items to prune at the end of this month. As I look at my current wardrobe it is still larger than I see the ideal size in my head. Getting ready in the morning I do not find myself changing frequently to find the most flattering outfit. My outfit changes occur when I put on jeans for work and decided I should wear my formal pants instead (I could wear either at my job but attempting to put my ‘best foot forward’) or changing out sweaters dependent on the weather forecast (because I run cold I always need to be prepared).

I can look at my closet with more critique and realize I pretty much never wear dresses (and I have so so many) and I hardly wear any skirts (only a select few favorites). But I love both my dresses and skirts and hope to wear lots this summer.  The rest of my wardrobe I have been happily wearing. I find that as I look through my clothing at least once or twice a month in its entirety I am finding fewer items that are on the edge or that I dislike.

It seems like I have finally made it to the point where I like all the clothing I own and am content wearing it. This is huge. THIS IS HUGE. This signifies that my closet although still larger than I want is filled with things I love and is not cluttered with not so loved items.

So although getting rid of clothing to reach my perfect closet has slowed down I am happy with what has been happening and I look forward to the future.

It seems as though my dream closet is still within reach.. Stay tuned


Month-End Prune (March & April 2018)

Something interesting has happened in these last two months. I have lost some weight. Not a super significant amount of weight but enough to notice when getting dressed in the morning.

After the birth of my little one and starting this journey of working with a smaller wardrobe I found it easy to get rid of things. It was easy because most of the clothing I had was ill fitting and once I leveled out back at my pre-pregancy weight I thought the weight loss was over. My body had changed and the clothing that I used to love was no longer fitting for my changed body.

Although it’s a “controversial” thing I frequent a local Crossfit Gym. I love the people at the gym and the programmed work outs. I also started following a diet plan that apparently works for me. It is easy to follow and is not super restrictive. The combination of the two have me down 8 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully my journey is not over and that I can still make more progress.

So why say all this? I have taken some clothing out of the donation/get rid of bags and added them back to my closet. My favorite jeans are now loose and the donation jeans fit better. Some shirts I never thought I would fit again fit.

In the end I still have 7 trash bags and 2 boxes of donation home and clothing articles. But because I am all about the numbers below are the updated totals.

Two Months New Pruned Clothing:

2: Black Long Sleeve Top (the same shirt, these are the most worn items this winter- total bummed when they both started holes in the elbows and elsewhere)

1: Blue shirt (was bought right after the baby- too large and unflattering now)

1: White T shirt (crap quality and see through)

1: Black Sweater (has a hole)

Clothing Salvaged from Donation Bags:

5 Shirts, 5 Skirts, 2 Dresses, 7 Jeans, 2 Work out Shorts

New Totals

Pruned Clothing YTD:   100                                  Pruned Total:   278

Additions YTD:   11                                                  Additions Total:   27


The Loft – Black

The Loft – Foral

The Loft- Green

Wet Seal – Black Stretch – Gifted

British Khaki – Blue with green whales

Old Navy – Brown

Old Navy – Green’ish’

Celebrity Pink Jean

Rider – Homemade 😃



Yay for upside down picture! These don’t fit right now. One pair small the others big.

Levi’s Jean – homemade 😃

The Limited – Green

The Limited – Grey

A.N.A. – jean

A.N.A – black

Honest Additions (March & April 2018)

Hello! Too much time has passed since I have last posted. I am happy to report that it has nothing to do with any negative events. My life has just been busy and hectic. Who knew children to take up so much time! My favorite part of the day is coming home from work and spending as much time with him as I can until he goes to bed.

Although its been a while I am still slightly on task. I purchased some clothing that I know I shouldn’t have. Two of those items are on my no shop list :P. Oh well.. I am still adjusting and constantly trying to do better and be better.


Black Reebok Sneakers: $26.18

The Loft: Black Sweater 1: 29.36

The Loft Black Sweater 2: $25.14

The Loft: White and Black Striped T: $7.44

The Loft: Black with Floral pattern mock neck shirt: $22.44

American Eagle: Lounge Shirt-Black: 7.50

Work Out Pants: Dark Blue- $77.87

Clothing Account:      $813.29 – $195.93 = $617.36



Month-End Prune & Honest Additions (February 2018)

This month I was able to rid myself of a large number of items. I found myself slowing towards to end of the month. I am not sure what the next month will bring but I am ready- BRING IT ON!

The Pruned:

Work Out Clothing: 4

Sweaters: 11

PJs: 4

Tanks: 13

Skirts: 9

Leggings: 1

Shirts: 13

Dresses: 7


The Additions: 

IMG_20180218_172721.jpgThe limited Knee Length Skirt: $5.00 (Thrift)

IMG_20180218_172757.jpgThe Limited Mini Skirt: $5.00 (thrift)


I did buy these Madewell Boots (But I had to send them back for a larger size). Sadly the larger size was to large in the ankle and looked odd. Oh well.

Clothing Account:      $829.29 – $10.00 = $813.29

Pruned Clothing YTD:   116                                  Pruned Total:   294

Additions YTD:   4                                                  Additions Total:   20

Saying Hi

I am happy to report that my progress is going well, but I have the urge to go shopping… I am finally starting to feel the effects of a smaller closet. I am not sure the effect is due to the new amount of clothing I have or the fact that I no longer have all sorts of new clothes to wear.

Since I used to shop “like all the time,” I was easily able to go from old to new and always find new favorites to sport around. The new clothing was….. what is the word I am looking for.. oh yeah NEW. Black clothing wasn’t faded, the sweaters weren’t full of pills, and none had holes.

I have visibly worn down my favorite clothing. My favorite long sleeve top has a hole in the elbow. One of my favorite sweaters has so much pilling it pains me to spend time to keep pulling them off (Yes I know it should go, but I have not found an equal/or better replacement).

I am surprised how fast this clothing is deteriorating right before my eyes. But I think it is worth it to state what I will not do.

  • I will not run to the store and buy new clothing. Even though my favorites are worn down I have others to wear. If I refuse to wear my alternate clothing I have more clothing to prune. **Note: I am not on a shopping ban. I say this because the idea not to go shopping stems from that fact that I still have a full closet and do not NEED more clothing.

I have now ventured into unknown territory and I am looking forward to seeing how I will get around.





Month-End Prune & Honest Additions (January 2018)

The Pruned:

Purses: 7

Wallets: 6

Scarf: 2

Hoodie: 1

Sweaters: 6

Dresses: 3

Skirt: 1

Leggings: 4 (2 work out)

Shirts: 17

Vest : 1

Jeans: 4

Blazer: 1

Shorts: 1 (work out)

The Additions: 

IMG_20180107_160744Chaps Cowl Neck Sweater $34.79

IMG_20180107_160711Chaps Cropped Sweater $22.19

Marc New Performance : Cropped Pants (House Pants) : 13: 73

I did buy these Madewell Boots (But I had to send them back for a larger size). I will add these to February if they have a larger size to swap and they fit well. I took this picture with them and was excited to wear them for the first time. After sitting on the table I realized I needed a larger size. Good thing I realized this right away before I wore them outside 🙂

Clothing Account:      $900 – $70.71 = $829.29

Pruned Clothing YTD:   54                                  Pruned Total:   233

Additions YTD:   2                                                  Additions Total:   18